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We are a one stop destination for all property related requirements and can provide NRI’s with advice and guidance they need to help solve any property or land related issues.

Our company specialises in the Punjab area of India. We can resolve NRI issues without you having to travel to India as we recognise that this is not always feasible for clients and can be a daunting task.

Our head office is based in the UK (Wolverhampton) and our partner office is based in Punjab, India.  All team members can converse fluently in English and Punjabi, are professional and follow a strict confidentiality policy.

NRI Properties Ltd have been in the industry for over 15 years and are well established .  We offer a range of services including a free consultation and specialise in catering to the NRI’s (Non-Resident Indians) who want to sell their property.  We  deal with any ownership issues or transferring of property due to inheritance from  ancestors. Often the ownership of such estates can become disputed or property can be illegally seized. NRI Properties Ltd can empathise with the client and understand when such complexities arise.  Since we are a reputable property agent in India, we can help our clients in navigating through the confusing systems which govern the sale and management of real estate in India.

Our services include free consultation and free valuation, selling of property in India, land searches, property transfers, property divisions, inheritance advice, Power of Attorney, translations of documents from Punjabi to English, Pan card services, banking enquiries, marital disputes and much, much more.

As a client, you can rely on us as our business practices are ethical, we maintain a fair pricing policy and ensure transparency during transactions.

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People may want to check out NRI Properties based in Wolverhampton, who have been helping NRIs to sell their land and properties in Punjab for the last 15 years. Their charge is 5% of the value. I have used them three times, and they have successfully delivered on each occasion. You can contact Surinder Singh Sandhu (Managing Director)  and Pam Dhaliwal (Office Manager) at the email addresses above. They provide a whole service, including getting Fards (land title copy showing the extent of your land as registered), all the other legal paperwork, and payment of monies by the purchaser (best to do this securely and safely inside your bank offices, instead of carrying bags full of cash), prior to signing the final legal paperwork at the Land Registrar’s office (Tehsildar).

Kashmir Singh LL.B, LL.M, C.Eng, FIET, Project Management NVQ; former member of statutory OFWAT water industry customer services committee for England and Wales, IEE Council

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