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New Policy for Regularisation of Unauthorized Colonies and Plots/Buildings in such Colonies Approved by Punjab Cabinet

Chandigarh, July 30, 2018: With a view to curbing the mushroom growth of unplanned and haphazard constructions across the state, the Cabinet on Monday cleared a policy for regularization of unauthorized colonies and plots/buildings falling in unauthorized colonies. The policy covers colonies developed before March 19, 2018, according to an official spokesperson. As per the […]

Investing In Punjab Real Estate

Real estate refers to property that consists of land and the respective building along with its natural resources. Real estate can be broadly categorized into three major groups namely, residential, commercial and industrial. Real estate depends on a maxim which says, “Location, location, location” since profit in real estate is affected by the area in […]

Selling Property In Punjab

Non Resident Indians (NRI), who left India many years ago do find themselves amidst troublesome situations after they inherit their ancestral properties. Punjab, which is one of the most developed states in India, is also home to many Non Resident Indians (NRI). There have been many instances of Non Resident Indians being duped in India, […]

Why Buying Agricultural Land in Punjab is the Best Option

There are various real estate agents in India that help in buying or selling property in India, and especially agricultural land that is inherited from ancestors. The task of selling or buying agricultural land in Punjab, especially for an uncertain property need to be administered very well, and that is made possible with the support […]

Seek Assistance And Sell Property From UK

Non Resident Indians (NRI) can transfer title of their inherited property to their name. However, one cannot take a sigh of relief only by transferring the title of the property. Selling of the inherited property can be a taxing task as most of the non-residential Indians are not familiar with the process that is involved […]

Real Estate Investment In Punjab

Real estate is one of the most flourishing businesses in the world and the amount of money and revenue generated from this sector amounts to trillions of dollars across the globe. Real estate simply implies about a property that consist of land and the buildings on it, the natural resources present in the property such […]

Why Buy Property In Punjab?

The most powerful state of the nation, Punjab has a long history and cultural heritage. The state is known for its infrastructure and connectivity. This is why big and popular residential projects are moving towards Punjab. The state is attracting a number of people to make investment in its real estate sector. Talking of property, […]

Reasons For the Growth of Residential Property Market in Mohali

Reasons For the Growth of Residential Property Market in Mohali If NCR is known for the escalating real estate property matters then Mohali is the catalyst in the real estate industry’s growth in Punjab. It is one of the fastest growing IT towns loaded with all the urban features and projecting a promising future for […]

NRI guide to property investment in India

NRIs have always been opportunistic in terms of investment avenues and returns. The government regularly comes up with new schemes to attract more and more investments from abroad. Real estate is one of the sectors which always grabs the attention of non-residents. The Reserve Bank of India has also given permission to all non-residents who […]