Properties are often owned jointly by multiple people of the family. The fact that there exists more than one stakeholder makes it difficult to divide or sell it generally due to varied interests of the people who own the property.

Partition of a property can be difficult and is easier if all co-owners give mutual consent, if not appropriate lawsuits should be filed in court. This is to be followed by executing a partition deed on a stamp paper specifying the share of each co-owner of the property.

Also, complications can occur due to the laws of inheritance playing an important role in the property division process.

A partition deed enables the property to be divided among the co-owners of the property so that each co-owner is allotted his or her share thereby making them the rightful owner of the share allotted.

Partition deed ensures the legal division of the property and once the division is done, each member is entitled to sell, gift or transfer his share of the property.